30 June 2011

I will come again

Hush now my darling
sleep now don't cry
I will find you
in another life

Peace to you on journey
follow the skies above you
their stars will lead you home
when you're up and grown
never doubt their magic
never doubt their love

Quiet all around you
peace of solid gold
no one near will harm you
if in your heart you hold

But hush my darling
 hush hush now
soft and whispers all around
now I know just who you are
my darling
will treat you to their kindness
all across the sky

Safe now my darling
gone are you from here
I will come and find you
when the time draws near

Keep your heart wide open
to the possibility
that I will come and find you
when it's safe for me

29 June 2011


I believe in raindrops
and little specks of dust
and that feeling you get when you've run out of luck,
but you go on anyway

I believe spiders don't simply spin a web
but that they dream in and out
of their tiny little head
and go on anyway

I believe where there is trouble
a healing hand will mend
that sometimes hope is simply doubled
when a heart begins to beat again
it goes on anyway

little things in life are shared
when one by one they disappear
through windows and doorways
too old to be seen
and held onto closely
a what might have been
and still it goes on, any way

28 June 2011

You are the one

so much to do amid all the rush
and i can't even see the sun
but I know you are here with me
in each little rock along the sea
and I know that you are there for me
you are the one.

busy people walking one by one
along the streets they can't stand alone
but each day passes and brings them, more,
no space left but out the door,
and I can't see you anymore
but you are the one

27 June 2011


too many times a look beyond the scene
reveals a message in a bottle
a simple little mystery

but for the likes of those who dare to dream
who do wander in and all around
in time everything comes to me

and when the cries of beloved ones mean
that time is slipping away from them
our joys reflect a sorrow queen

26 June 2011

rain drops

you make me feel alive
when you're around I see the world from your eyes
it's like a shadow over real life things
and a shade of true against the rain

next to you there is a box
of things in life that have been lost
they never get the same old chance
to make the measure worth the risk

as long as we know what we see
and trust our mind to the make believe
there will always be a life to live
and a love in our life to make it worth it

25 June 2011

keep going

if a dream comes to you and you feel nothing
come to me and i will help you heal
sometimes sorrow drowns the soul
and you cannot let go
but a light ahead
will lead you on

when shadows trump the path you have walked on
show me the way and we shall go
following the footsteps of survivors
who know the way
and shall lead you home

should fear ever cloud your imagination
and never let you think of your love
let the world spin forever
as the love will never
ever let you walk on alone

24 June 2011

sparkle inside

favorite songs linger on
they sing themselves as I sleep
and stay with me as I dream

A soundtrack to my imaginary life
a trip to take when everything's all right
more to know when the words come slow

happy with myself
these new lyrics shape me
my mind is happy and my soul is lighter

such a great feeling to dance around
when no one is watching
its a new happiness, and I like it

And I shall keep it.

23 June 2011


if I should fall into the sky
do you think dreams would ask me why
I do the things that I do
for I am in love with you

when I should come around that bend
and my heart begins to mend
where do I go
from here
what do I see
when you aren't near?

a truth to be told
and a story to sell
more than a heart that cannot be hers
as you travel through the woods
stories of new and of old shall find you
when you proclaim

when you proclaim

when shall you proclaim?

22 June 2011


for hearts stand together
a force against the test
a figure in the distance
left out,
left behind

a single shadow
gleaming with soot
burned from the

a hole in the middle
of a nowhere land
filled with sadness
kept from the madness
of a world
with no soul

ring around the rosy
pocket full of posies
ashes ashes

we all fly our separate ways

21 June 2011

life after

A change of scene,
nothing stays the same.
I see you there
and feel so much pain.
Nothing's ever gonna be the same

Tomorrow's here,
and I wish you were.
Out and about
seeing none but her
across the walk and
I think of you.
I keep on going
there's so much to do.

I stay busy
each and every day
I hope to move on;
but this ain't the way.
I know what you'd want
and I know what you'd say,
but I keep on going;
I look the other way.

Above and beyond
a slightly hopeless tune,
the beat is silly
but it reminds me of you
and all those other days
and we'd share it, too,
looking at the moon
just a plain old view...

I can't see anymore
the light of your eyes,
I wish something more
would take away the skies
that shower down rain
like a waterfall, down,
and somehow a smile
would come back around.

Brand new windows
looking out at the world,
and a reflection is staring,
 a brand new girl.
I see me again
and what might have been,
but I'll always believe
that I'll see you again.

Too many shadows
have hid behind me
it's time that I help them
and set them free

20 June 2011

things of heart

its a mystery
just what I know
and nothing throughout history
will ever go
where it wants to go

for time and yet again
that thing of yester year
is not what I could pretend
but what I hold so dear
it is so dear

but the past cannot be be seen
not heard again or kept
within  a dream
it is a ghost, be that except
I can accept

19 June 2011


Winter fresh and evergreen
bright and white and new
the tallest peak
of the tallest mountain
with the greatest grandest view

summer snowflakes in the middle of june
ice crystals in the dew
the rain shall pass and try to outlast
even when the sun takes over the moon

when the days fall short
and begin to sleep
when the tides abruptly end
the soft white silence of the first falling snow
will bring the fresh heart of a friend

18 June 2011

a llama bean

a llama bean
a llama bean
it was once upon a time
when I found you
in my mind

a llama bean
you are to me
and you make me as happy
as I have ever been

17 June 2011


dreams are scary places
where shadows follow endlessly
but if I try to wake up
I find that you are not near me

There is a safe haven in my mind
but I do not know
where or how to find
a way to get there

some nights go by without a sound
and dreams are not around
but the times that I defend
I find my heart begin to mend

16 June 2011

sunshine in summer

heat radiating down,
loving all my skin
warm and inviting
its this kind of love
that I love being in.

more to come
than ever there has been
I miss my old life
and I hold on to the past
to the memories that
keep me up

when I am alone
on a nice day
and the sun is out
and the miracle of the world
finds me contemplating
it reminds me softly that
I am not the only girl

I am not alone,
and the sun loves me
and my friends love me
but I know for sure
that sun on my legs
so warm and reassuring
will keep me together

15 June 2011

For Gail Carriger's Heartless

For Gail Carriger's  Heartless

A hat, and a head to wear it,
and an inspiration to create it,
with a tiresome mind to make it,
and a creative imagination
to display it,

all so that a bold and itinerant care
could ever say or dare,
to take said hat
with or without consent
and  ferry it about
on ones devout and devoted
little bitty head

A poof of a poof of a whim of a poof
and presented to you,
'tis blameless

14 June 2011

I love to see

the clouds, the rain and sparkly things
the drips into a puddle
and a cat sleeping on my work
so that I can muddle
in other things

so unordinary or dillusionary
that  happiness cannot pretend
what is real or true,
but simply imagined
among other things.

But what I can see or hear or feel
with the feelings of my heart
or my eye or my ear
a small happiness

when I walk out of doors
into the arms of my love
whom I love to see
when he comes home
to me

13 June 2011

under forgotten

Forever in my heart
you will always be
memories in my mind,
of all you've been to me.

I see a shadow in my mind
of you and I together,
where we'd go,
from time to time,
and whatever could be better.

Even though time has changed,
and life before is new again
that fever of my heart
which you used to relieve
sinks below a tornado of dreams.

12 June 2011

Mixed madness of myself

I cannot take myself too much longer.
I must go find a way.
I must reach within and scatter,
all that's come my way.

My friends you are who make me whole,
realise what I am.
and figuring it all out on my own
can make me chase a dream.


I think a lot and wonder why
I wonder how, as well,
I try to learn just what I am
and how to help the world.

I think too much and try to be
all of who I think I am,
and all of that, completely.

11 June 2011


There is a place
deep within my soul
and the only way to get there
is through is a hole-
a tiny hole in my heart.

This is where I keep my secrets.
Every last one of them.
and slowly sometimes,
they over flow
and I just need to learn to let them go.

So many thoughts, so many memories

10 June 2011

many infinitesimally small things

They linger here and everywhere
like ash from a volcano's burst
that sifts through air and wind and sky
as a hurricane comes first

As dust settles on an old abandoned desk
tucked away in a room, within a room,
where letters writ in haste are sent
to be forgotten all too soon

A sense forlorn about the air
that triggers instinct to react
more thoughts are chased about in haste
and my memories are wanted back.

09 June 2011

without the sun

The sun today,
I didn't see it.
There were clouds
and waves of heat.

Lightning finds me
home alone
flashes through the sky
bright lights, one be one.

As thunder crashes
and rolls about the sky
the heavens stop me
and I'm forced to wonder why

nothing stays as it seems
and nothing changes more
than friendships wrought
behind the scenes
of life we knew before.

08 June 2011


A little bit lately
and a little bit soon,
I'll be walking by my lonesome,
on my way to you.

It's too much for me now,
to think on what used to be,
As the corners keep coming,
Questions keep leaping in and out
of my mind.

All the past possibilities
that haunt me now and then
live forever in my mind
and never let me know when
I may be free.

07 June 2011

As I am

A sensible little dream
Amid impractical wanderings of the mind
I have come to know,
very much by way of a kind-ness
that few people are refreshing.

A smile you see is no longer a common sight,
A wave of a hand to a fellow friend or passerby
ought to be forfeited to show one's might
and at this neglect,  a little heart inside will cry.

And so, to preserve my friends
and all that they feel in their hearts,
 I pledge to remain as I am,
as I have been told, a refreshing soul.

With my smile and my care,
with my hand in the air,
and a wave in motion,
undulating as the ocean, moves.

A greeting shall I give forth,
to those I see and know,
in hopes it shall spread throughout the earth,
to be seen and shared anew.

06 June 2011

Dream A Dream Imaginary

To dream a dream imaginary,
you must first find a friend.
A wish to share between yourselves,
or a memory to care.

Find a firefly that glows,
give it a proper name.
Muse with songs of things around you,
make happiness a game.

Think of a song or think of a thought,
try hard to close your eyes.
Imagine colours one by one,
and explain forever the reason why.

If you can, not if you won't,
speak with your heart,
Give voice to your soul.

Sing with your words,
the ones that you know,
and sing with the sounds,
the pictures you show.

Remember the days of paint and of power,
where something so clear and clean was new.
To you and I, to the distance before us,
within the dangers of the past.

Delete the shadow that hides your face,
create new routes to walk.
Find a friend to follow you,
or lead you in the dark.

Do care to take a moment,
or a day or a time,
to explain yourself or your musings,
To thank someone in kind.

Wake up from your busy life
to enjoy the one that slips away,
to take care of the things you won't remember,
before it all starts saying goodbye.

Imagine a road that you can walk,
envision the story you leave behind.
Take pains each day to write it well,
That it may be remembered someday,
long after your gone.

Dream a dream. Dance a dance. Sing a song.
Be inspirational to someone,
that they may follow along.

05 June 2011

to do well and keep well

To do well and keep well I must remain busy
Hide all my time away
I need to find a purpose or everything will crumble
I need to find a way to keep everything at bay...

I need to know what to say and where to go sometimes.
I need to find time to understand all that is going on.
Wherever I am and what ever I do,
I need to remember it is all because of you...

To stay well and focused I need to move on
I need to look forward and prepare for whats ahead.
Whether or not I make the decisions well
I need to make the most of what I make of them.

This makes little sense because my mind is too full
My heart is too heavy and my head holds too much
But to me this is helpful and this matters more
and now I suggest you find yourself, too.

Go out and away or remain in and stay small
your life has a passion so follow that call
it's not what you think of it is what you do,
to do well and keep well make it matter to you

04 June 2011

For reasons I never had

Sometimes I do things just because
A feeling in my gut or in my heart
Just told me that I should.
It spoke to me you could say, why not,
But rather it pushed me forward
Into the blue,
Into beyond 'as far as I can see'.

It was so enviably inviting,
So terribly eye catching,
Incredibly distracting.
And so beyond 'that which I am used to',
That naturally I must believe
That  it was meant to be
That it was meant for me.

As possibilities turnover
And the Id or the Ego battle it out,
My feet proceed without caution
Until the moment shouts to stop.


Usually these momentous and
Rather spontaneous
Occasions are affected within 'the make believe'
Where no answer is needed
Or warning is heeded.
Where thoughts are questioned
And ideas pressured
For effect.

03 June 2011

The sky outside

The sky outside is lovely bright,
it is clear and blue and white.
The clouds float on along across the earth
and nothing shall decrease their worth.

Too far along and in between,
there lies a sense of misbelief.
In substitutions for free will,
as faces stare above the window sill.
Trapped within a whirlwind mind
of novels writ in another time,
I stand outside, for the sky I see,
speaks to me of liberty.

02 June 2011

Missing you

I can remember seeing you, slightly far away.
The outline of your shadow,
And you standing in
the doorway.

I can see the colors in your hair,
and the shine on your shoes.
The way the light just missed you,
and your face
is in the shadow.

I remember sitting there,
in the front row pew,
and looking out in your direction,
Waiting to see,
and smile at you.

I'd see your shadow
about to pass,
and I'd rush to look away,
But view out
of the corner of my eye,
to see if you were looking
my way.

And years have passed,
as they always do.
But my eyes still wander,
and want to catch
a glimpse of you,
looking at me.

My heart still jumps
when I see you there.
My face still blushes,
when I hear your name.

And I can remember,
being a younger girl,
when you were a younger boy,
And wishing, hoping, praying,
for your voice and
your attention.

That you would be calling
my name.

I'd leave to go,
Always looking back,
Always hoping somehow,
That what I've lacked,
I'd find in you,
Someday soon
the chance to be a bride and groom.

01 June 2011

softly falling

out of the clear blue sky,
a lonely cloud begins to form.
it is so soft and shadowy
and it carries no silver lining.

behind that cloud a universe
so small and make believe
vanishes in the atmosphere,
it is transported far away.