17 April 2012

New beginnings

I believe in guardian angels, families
I believe in music, in darkness, light, and love
I believe in the things that put sparkles in our eyes
I believe hopes and dreams are as countless
as the stars in the skies

 I believe shadows are not our only friends,
and that misery is by no means the end
That sometimes you've got to face the fight
Suffer, live, and know it'll be all right

I believe in future things, small and grand
and in between
That hopeless is only a place I've been
Out of reach, and here again
But I believe I can conquer this
Seal my sorrow with an iron fist
Shield my heart from worse for wear
But I'll let the world know that I still care

And I believe life will go on
Despite the heartache and troubled bonds
 I know for a fact I am here and able
 I will build all again, strong and stable
 I believe in miracles, second chances, sudden things
Amd I believe that time can, maybe, heal all things