31 October 2011


falling in your dreams,
alone, in a power out
crossing the train tracks.

Sounds echoing nightly,
branches rattling the windows
just like pots and pans.

ghosts and goblins and
hauntings. Nowhere to believe,
when you were younger.

a spider crawling
down from the ceiling above
right in front of you.

30 October 2011


tests to study for, exams to take,
and people to pray for,
before it's too late.
And things to remember...

to-do lists to write, and then to do,
pictures to draw, and to paint,
but first to Dream up for today.
Not so long ago, we were there together...

questions to answer, and things to ponder,
more to listen and less to wander,
trails to walk when the weather gets warmer.
What happened to us...

thoughts rotate, gravitate, in my brain-
go together, and drift apart,
like leaves floating down a river.
And those memories we made...

29 October 2011

annual visit

I give you chances,
I give you treats.
I try to reward you,
entice you,
motivate you...

but no
not this morning.
not today.

instead you sleep.
instead you dream.
instead you walk the other way.

it's like you know what is going
to happen to you.
even if you know it really isn't that bad.

but your little brain
does not comprehend
it's for your better health.

So that you can wake up
whenever you want to
and lounge around
at your desire.

dear kitty,
please, come to me.
the vet won't take long.

28 October 2011


To walk around without being seen,
I could visit so many places in the world.
Hop in a plane, and go.

I do not know where I would go,
or who I would accompany.
What secret things I can uncover,
or rediscover,
as I drift away from a tour group
at some mysterious museum.

Tall thin stairways blocked off to the visitors
walkways available to me-
and only me-

I could leave a painting
in a museum somewhere,
inter my work in a gallery.

I could travel around the world at a whim
and leave messages to the world
as I pass by.

Leave my mark upon the world.
Invisible me.

27 October 2011


Inside of my room,
I do not venture out.
I am not so curious,
and I have nothing to doubt.

I move slowly and cautiously,
wary of everything around me.
(but I see nobody-
not a thing, it's just me)

I lay out in the sun,
and I keep to myself,
and I wish for a friend,
above everything else.

26 October 2011

and to you, I shall guide you

We look up above and
we look down below,
out towards the horizon
and into our souls.

We seek the pure goodness
of He who was here,
in hopes that His news
will ease all our fear.

For when the heaven's shall part
and a voice speaks below
'I am pleased with my Son,
Follow wherever He goes'.

I'll show you the way,
as a shepherd herds sheep
and forever and always,
your hearts I shall keep.

25 October 2011

a miracle for you

Inside a shadow of doubt,
within a whisper of the wind,
between two halves of a sorcerer's stone
and among friends,
you will find my smile.

I leave it for you wherever I go.
I hope someday you will care
enough to look, to follow...

But hurry, please do,
for smiles only last so long,
before time, and hope
reduce them to tears.

24 October 2011

sometimes, I miss you

A sun that shines down from up above
through rain that pours down below,
and floods those cobblestone streets and drives
and washes out make believe trails...

I thought I saw a piece of that sun
sifting in through those dark, rainy clouds,
but, alas, I was mistaken.

For really that sunshine I had thought I'd seen,
was you,

smiling at me from a memory.

23 October 2011

dreams for me

clouds and lights and bright blue sky-
a heaven, a haven, for me.

reaching that star,
that is what I want,
and what I need;
wishes aren't enough.

wishes never come true.

but dreams-
they come to me,
late at night when I am asleep.

I can hold on to dreams.
I can keep believing in them.

there are reasons for everything.
reasons for you,
and reasons for me, too.

and dreams for me.
just me.

22 October 2011

tears in shadow

Slowly falling, like the snow,
teardrops on my desk.

A salty glaze soaks into
the pages of my diary.

A token of the pain and sorrow
that I've held in my heart
for who knows how long.

Alone in my room,
behind the darkness,
I let it all go...

And no one knows
how many pages
have been witness
to the hurt I carry in my heart.

As each day passes,
and each night nears,
shadows carry silently,
the tears that fall in shadow.

21 October 2011

day dreams

where the sun shines in through the window
my thoughts flush and flutter like a minnow
through the shallow water

they turn and twist and speed
swimming farther faster just out of reach

I can't hold on
I can't retain
all the knowledge I've learned throughout the day
this can't continue
it can't go on

I  close my eyes and they're all gone

instead what I see
in the dark of the light
are the dreams that I wish with all of my might
where I'd open my eyes
and hope to catch
the vision of you that always will last

don't disappear,
oh please don't go
I open my eyes
and all that I know

all that I see
and all that remains
are reflections of dreams
just a bit out of range

in the sunlight that shimmers
across the room, I can see
our reflection in mirrors
it's just you and me

20 October 2011

where did it go

all the work of a thousand days
melts together in a blurry haze
all the footsteps that have been walked
will linger on when it turns dark

words do not change
how each day was made
the way the lands trembled
or what the teachers may say

in school it is taught
only half of the truth
the rest of the lie
is for me and you
to discover

a journey we'll take
every day of our lives
to uncover the past
and expand our own minds

through myths and old legends
to make sense of the world
in jungles of thinking
it's a dangerous new storm

19 October 2011

when I didn't know

You always want what you don't know
I walk forever but I never go
my faith is healing, it's coming round
each time my foot sets up on solid ground

There always seems a make believe wish
I pray every night, I dream of your kiss
for when we're together, our hearts reunite
this moment of truth makes the whole world so bright

I wake up from a dream and I hear a voice call
when the skies part, the rain starts to fall
sometimes, you just have to look up
and all that you have, will be more than enough

all the little stories we hear day in and out
from strangers on the streets, passing by
add up to a novel of incredible ideas
don't tell me you never thought to try

it's always the crazy, the weird, and untrue
ideas that make something yellow turn blue
the colors shift, the world still turns
and for you always, my heart will yearn

18 October 2011


my heart
knows something
my mind
cannot imagine

my hope
dreams something
my eyes
cannot see

my hands
wish often
wish complete
for company

17 October 2011

over the world

I watched a world float by
tethered to my soul
wherever I went
was beyond my control

On the mountains I 've seen
little passages through
where the herds would all rush
from point one to point two

Little specks of a little life
mere colors on the floor
that once were there
but are here no more

I've long given up
severing this bond
lest I should I fall
into a muddy murky pond

why wish for something I do not have,
why wish for something more

with all the treasures in my life
I shall never think I'm poor

16 October 2011

take my words

Each day that I am here
I want to leave behind
more than footprints
I will not disappear

I take my peace and I
give it to you
a piece of  hope
don't let it go

for one day shall come
and you'll wish it gone
don't let it pass
just like that

take my memories
let them help you out
one thing I've learned
is just one less you
 have to figure all out

all my life I've been
chasing dreams
I've been wishing things
and I just want to keep on going

all the things I've been doing
all the places that I've been
all the stories I've been in,
I'm not done yet.

It's not done, yet.

I keep going, wishing thinking
I keep living, praying, singing

I keep believing

don't let it go, your hope,
don't let it fall.
When you're down on the ground,
 nothing left to hold on to

take my words
take my hope
take them with you,
wherever you go

hear my story,
how I've lived my days
let them help you out
in anyway

15 October 2011

reverse my sight

oh the happiness
oh the joy
oh the smiles from your lips
that I know so well

oh the horror
oh the woe
oh the terror of my sorrow soul

wipe out the darkness
leave me blinded in sight
that then I might face 
your love, all my life

14 October 2011


a tyranny of doubt stretches
across the earth and
holds behind it
a secret worth
the master of sadness intrudes,
no longer
it will falter
and be forever fragile
keep the silence of disaster
alone and to yourself
until long after
the madness of energy
breaks through the stronghold
in the quiet of the night
in a peaceful little light
after the dawn

13 October 2011

I'm with you

in the day, dreams I hide behind
soft colors of the world
all the secrets of my mind
fill an anxious void

the sound of the air shutters through
the wind, the month, the years go by,
all memories of you

the sun shall come and go, it seems
I never questioned why

where I close my eyes to see
and judge not my own control
I fear the time that you must leave
please don't make me let you go

12 October 2011

and now its over

once upon a time
the stars looked up
and when they blinked
all the darkness disappeared

it used to be
that when you smiled
all the lyrics in my mind
stopped singing

I would listen to the sound
of one...two... one two one two

hearts in harmony

please keep me in mind
but when you walk away
don't be too surprised
if I don't stay

11 October 2011

what they say

people said ask not why
these bouquets burn red and blue

for that is when
and where
me and you,

are the only ones here

in a secret avenue

and can sing away the dark
like the morning after evening

I want to love you

10 October 2011

when you are gone from me

Every day I think of you

I wonder what you do
and if perhaps
you think of me too

your words are always welcome
they bring a smile to my face
and I count the days one by one
until I feel your warm embrace

I live each day with the memories
that bring my smiles forth
in happiness and secrets
with you I'll freely go

09 October 2011


Sometimes shadows fall away
to show the fear they locked inside
and when a heart of gold comes near
they take it and hide it forever

sometimes rain washes all away
and puddles left over sit and wait
to capture a wayward spirit then
and never let it free again

darkness hides behind a flickering light
against the sparks that were in your eyes
madness takes over and all you will know
is a hurt in your heart
you can never let go

maybe someday a heart of stone
will be on its way and
knock out the world
where cruelties lie in spite of themselves
where love may regain its natural spells

08 October 2011

can't you see

Is it too much to ask
your hand in my own
a smile on your face
when you answer the phone

to trust me yourself
if I am alone

is it too much to ask
to halt your opinions
they hurt and they have
no good intentions

you hold yourself higher
than you ought to be held
don't you see
all of this

no worse and no better
than anyone else
can't you tell
don't you notice

it matters to me

all that you say
with no hope of regret
could ever be said
and I'll never forget

the way you loved me
like a lost little pet
I urge you to see me
but it won't happen yet

A lost little memory
like the sun when it sets
if I go
you will never let
me free

don't you see what matters to me?

I sing a different song
my dreams tell me I'm wrong
I have a spirit
you cannot change

a different tune
way out of your range

when I'm gone
there will be no one else
don't you see
you won't matter to me

07 October 2011

save me with hello

I can't figure it out
why I write when I am sad
all the stars leave my eyes
the sparks all fade to black

mysteries now, what I thought I knew
glitter and gold are now all blue
happiness, an overrated song
can't keep me here for too long

I see smiles and I forget
only for a little while
why it was I'm so upset
but it doesn't last too long

surprise me with hello
when I least expect to see you
share with me your memories
and I may never let you go

06 October 2011

every day

Who knows what secrets
are hidden behind mysteries?
false histories etched in stone
for centuries
to be regarded as the truth
even though, not one before
ever regarded the event as significant

but now that mystery enshrouds us all
and circulates beyond the time
inconspicuous events
of a life gone by
made up and make believe
so that memory
will seem greater than life

beyond truth- in life-

imaginations dwell

characters of daydreams echo
the voices of haunts and hollers
and soon no truth will be exposed
save that of the lie
we say each day and night

I am fine, I am alright

05 October 2011

I share things

Hopes and dreams are frivolous things
and so are aspirations
but when only a few
are held onto
rare and precious gems

imitations rise up
much more abundant and cheaper
versions of virtues and morals
and least among them
the individual voice of ourselves

I make a wish on a shooting star
and dream away all my miseries
that once and for all my fears escape me
and I am alone
in peace

But like shooting stars
or falling stars
or meteors

my wish becomes your wish
because once you are here
nothing is my own again

04 October 2011

where has it all gone?

From where does my imagination come,
or the look in my eyes
or the hope in my soul?

from when and what time
do my ideals date back
or my dreams or my ideas?

why is it I feel like a shadow
beyond all now and here?

behind the modern, immaturity
and ignorance that is sure
to rise above and beyond
and succeed as the majority?

where common sense is caged
in a museum
something to look at
in awe and wonder

and then move on
one old exhibit after the other

look and forget until
you look back with regret        
at the modern era of un-ingenuity

03 October 2011

conquer the world

A heart within a stone
is a sad story, and hopeless.
A sword in a stone is a legend.

But when your heart begins to fade away
and becomes trapped,
in sorrow,
it is far too late when someone tries
to free it

so many try for the sword
thinking it will bring
insurmountable power

but no one notices
how a heart
can be so  much more rewarding,
and bring more power

than a sword could ever hope

so take the heart
love it and nurture the soul it gives life
for the dreams that grow
out of love divine

send forth to all the world
the hope of life hereafter
and conquer all the world

02 October 2011

on the wings of your dreams

Do you ever imagine
that you are free
to fly above and beyond
your struggles?

why don't you?

Or have you not yet tried?

Soon it will be too late
your wings of dreams
will turn to wings of stone

and cut through the air
no longer graceful
but menacing

stuck in your ways
no longer nimble, but stiff

practice flying.

and you will ease your aging,
aching mind
and see things as a child does

arms wide open,
reaching out to grasp all that can be


on their wings of dreams

01 October 2011

A Start

I came today for peace
to ease my burdens
relieve my heart

I came looking for answers

I went,
and I

returned the same.

But I made that step
the first movement towards healing
reinventing my faith

one step can become a journey
of a thousand miles
and one act of kindness
can flood the world with smiles

soon I shall go again
who knows where,
or when

But I know, in time
I will be whole and able,
and capable
to be a friend