21 October 2011

day dreams

where the sun shines in through the window
my thoughts flush and flutter like a minnow
through the shallow water

they turn and twist and speed
swimming farther faster just out of reach

I can't hold on
I can't retain
all the knowledge I've learned throughout the day
this can't continue
it can't go on

I  close my eyes and they're all gone

instead what I see
in the dark of the light
are the dreams that I wish with all of my might
where I'd open my eyes
and hope to catch
the vision of you that always will last

don't disappear,
oh please don't go
I open my eyes
and all that I know

all that I see
and all that remains
are reflections of dreams
just a bit out of range

in the sunlight that shimmers
across the room, I can see
our reflection in mirrors
it's just you and me

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