31 August 2011

if you must

when the night gets dark
and all my fears unravel
the corners behind which I can't see
the thought of you letting go of me

I try to find a light
something I can look to
with hope
but if I stare at it too much
it goes away, like smoke

please don't take my light away

but if you must
can you take the dark
and the fears along with it?

and walk with me for a while more

30 August 2011

before the stars

on an early evening
when it was near to growing dark
I made a wish
before the stars came out

that if it could be
all the dreams that I've dreamed
and the things that I've hoped
would come soon;
they would come to me

and every night since
I feel a smile in my heart
when I make that wish
before the stars come out

29 August 2011

for all the flowers that cannot say (tribute)

For all the flowers that do not know
what it is to not simply grow
but bloom and blossom each day and year
to bring a smile to someone near

For all the leaves that do not mend
from those eating bugs that come again
and leave holes behind
what once was whole
they don't turn around, they just leave your soul

For all the stems that just can't,
hold up the sparkle, or show the world
the way to overcome and persevere
while all around, things aren't so clear

And through all time,
though standing small,
they stand at least,
and learn to prove,
though cannot say
they were here,
and it made it through

just like me
and just like you

28 August 2011

oh good morning little thing

When I see a bird above me
flying high and alone
I wonder where it comes from
and if it will ever make it back.

And if it could,
would it let me follow?

Would I find a friend
in this little being
that sings to me each morning?

27 August 2011

when a song sings

From one, to two, to ninety three
I see many reasons you belong with me
and the happiness I know is only
the beginning.

All the rest is of your doing;
what you say and see and  how
you look at me
when I am not looking at you,
it is more than a song could sing.

If, of course, a song could sing.

But where numbers lead
stretching far and wide
over the earth
and through all time,
nothing can stop
and nothing could change...

How I love thee,
let me count the ways...

26 August 2011

Invisible I

I find limits and borders everywhere I am
nobody realizes where I sit or stand
from here to there and back again
 I am quite invisible
Invisible Sam

the figure I am set in deep disguise
yearns for a freedom like the skies
to stretch far and to stretch wide
away from the sneering, those leering eyes

as I work on, to make it through ahead
and make it worthwhile before I fall away---
that my life will have meaning and be well read
and the world will remember the things that I've said

as I sit and watch the world pass by
invisible to every other searching eye
away from it all I could stand up and fly
but instead I sit, invisible I

25 August 2011


where the wind flows free
and by without a sound
I cannot see anything,
my horizons are grounded

the ocean swells
each wave passing over the next
never changing its mind
or its course

the wind goes forth
trying to muster
the strength beyond which
is all disaster

and all this happens without a clue
that I stand here
waiting through the torrent
waiting for you

24 August 2011

a lasting moment, now all my own

if I had a dime for each time
I missed you, I could travel
back and forth at will.

but even so,
I know I cannot go
so I shall stay here
on my own.

With the memories
you've given me
and the pictures and things
I hold onto
the smiles never leave me face
and I shall go on

holding these moments for myself,
all to myself
they are all my own

23 August 2011

As a feather flies

Life is short but lasts forever
nothing changes or stays together
what we see and what we find
drift away like a feather

now we see within our mind
something of a different kind
that lingers on to find a way
and saves the heart for another day

no matter how far apart
like a board that holds a dart
young love is often true and yearning
for the match to keep it burning

and as it stands without dismay
bringing light to the darkened day
as I wait for  you alone
and we shall walk, together, home

22 August 2011

free and fortunate

a warm ray beating down on me
the warm sun shining down on me
life is so much simpler

when you close your eyes
and shut out the streets
and the cars and the people  and the skies

somehow this removal,
at will, is freeing
and genuinely sublime

and how fortunate it is to be free
when you will.
to take away the chains that bring you down

a moment of peace
a hope and prayer
are all that is needed
to take me there

to that little imaginary place of peace

21 August 2011

old photos

where do I go when looking back?
beyond the time where things were black
and white

my history evades me

photos shot from long ago
stare deep into my lovely soul
and turn away

their faces have nothing more to say

no secrets to reveal to me
to the world I'm living in
no choices for the world to know
what could or should have been

20 August 2011

back in another time

Long ago in my thoughts I could see
 that there was something special in you
but what I didn't know back then
is if I'd ever see you again

and long ago when time was new
where there are houses, fields once grew
and wires never crossed the sky
only birds would ever dream to fly

as time grew old and we followed suit
the clouds grew darker
and the trees would bend.
No question made it to the roots
though somewhere behind the bark
little hearts would love again.

back when dreams were effortless
and life was lived as a special gift
secrets were kept regardless
and treasures passed on and on

Je vais garder dans mon coeur
  votre mémoire
  car tu es le seul
  avec qui je veux passer l'éternité

19 August 2011

a perfect picture

I woke up today and I had no idea
where you were
or even where was I

Though my eyes were closed
and my dreams not yet done
all I could envision
was a perfect reunion

you and I

a picture perfect together

As reality sets in
and I come to
all I see of my little lonely room
makes me wish all the more for you

but until then,
that day my picture perfect comes to life
and though I shall never like
to know the end of that time

I will know in my heart that you are all mine.

When a flower blooms
out in the open air
it grows up and about
and may soon find itself adorning my hair

a picture perfect  picture
it will soon come to be
it will soon like to be
it will soon have to be
it soon will be

18 August 2011

a commonality, suposedly

where I walked once upon the snow
in the middle of the winter
and I feared not where I would go
I came upon a mystery
enshrouded in a cloud
 a little piece of beauty
in this icy cold

And you were there,
where I was
watching this little curiosity
grow and bloom before me
the petals bright as a holiday
where smiles light up every one's face

17 August 2011

after I left, I realized

I thought at first you were nothing to me.
No one to remember,
so I let you be.

As fate would have it
I started to see
after I left,
that it just might not be

And every now and then you caught my eye
as you walked on by
with a look and a smile.

Now that I'm gone I see
you could have been something to me,
someone to me.

Time goes on and people grow,
learn new things,
and down the road
you learn to see,
and you realize
who you are on the inside.

And now when I see you
my heart is wide open.
I smile when I think of you,
and when you are here,
I just want to be with you.

But now that I've gone,
I feel the emptiness all around me.
Where once I lay in your arms,
there is a blank spot in my heart.

Now walking around
in the sweatshirt you gave me,
I feel tears in my eyes
for all the words left unspoken.

I can only hope
that time will come again,
the moments will not end,
and the heartache will mend.

Because after I left,
I realized, just how much you mean to me.
just how much I care for you,
how much I want to love you more.

16 August 2011

until you are here again

I miss you
and I want you
to know
to have a little idea

just as a little flower
needs to see the sun
each day

I have to find a way
to see you
or talk to you

and so I shall keep you
with me in my memory

15 August 2011

in my heart

I took a picture,
in my mind
so that I can remember
all those times
I spent with you
and I will never forget.

I wrote you  a letter
and you wrote one back.
I keep your words together
and my memory replays
all the nights and days
we spent in each other's company.

And altogether
as the days go by
I keep all my memories

In my heart.

14 August 2011


around a town and within a home
a woman loved and not unknown
by all for all she's ever done
who once was here and now is gone

gathered around and in memory
for all she was in history
the charge for the community
to pass along her legacy

and as in past the future holds
the key to glory in the soul
where lives fulfilled will help to grow
just like she did, all those years ago

13 August 2011

Yet, as to yet

Where rivers meet before the sea
I should hope you'll return to me
where life is lived without regret
back to the place where we first met

I shall love you yet,

no news indeed is ever marred,
if an ocean of lights sparked above the stars,
nor any joy suppressed within the dark,
if ever a muse were to sing to a lark.

I shall come to love you, yet.

In misery the joy is pure
that lives again but to secure
the feelings each day that we endure
til united once more, whole and pure

and I shall love you, yet.

12 August 2011

over days

life is lived
and loved ones loved

with or without their knowing

some days go by without a hope
I wonder how I manage to cope
I figure out a way to make it all work
but now that it is happening,
I am beyond all notice.
a life was lived,
and a loved one loved another

11 August 2011

the other side

the other side is forever unknown
a mystery to the decorated songs of woe

where dreams are bet and decide against
and life lives in hope of  a better

the other side is dark and secret
but how do you know for sure?

without being there or seeing it
it could be better for all we know

with lights and colors
that only a child could imagine

a scene so clear and pristine in beauty
because no man has found it possible
to erase it with his curiosity

to the other side, of my own mind
I am clear and envisioned
a warrior to the times
and a fighter for the freedom of my kind

10 August 2011

those days are gone

It's sad sometimes
knowing the heart things

knowing that someday
this will all be over

all the carefree
playing and laughing and being free
flighting the stairs
two or three
at a time

but those days are gone....

its hard sometimes looking back
at all the best days of your life
where friends and parents and rules
and breaking curfews
ruled your world

all of everything was more important then
and the little things didn't matter much

but now they do

don't you wish on those days,
those days are long gone...

and so many years later,
looking back on all of that
makes life seem more lived

but now,
 in my happiness and yours
those knowing days are over

and we can just live

09 August 2011

tonight, I see

tonight, I can see clearly the dreams
that have shattered my soul
the meanings I am left with
that I deciphered beyond my own control

underneath the moon
underneath the sky
underneath all the obvious
I still seek to learn 'why'

but looking up at the moon
looking beyond my new horizons
tonight, I see possibilities
endless as the horizon

tonight, I see hope

08 August 2011

talking to you

my dreams remind me of you
but when I awaken in the morning
I feel sadly mistaken
because what was once so real
in my dreams,
so real in bewteen reality,

has awoken as well

and now I must move on,
content to live each day with
a memory

but some day, someday soon
I can only hope,
there will be a time
when I look over

and all I have to do is talk, to you

07 August 2011

the last moment

before I go to bed tonight
and all my secrets fear the light
where but twice you used to occupy the day
the mirror reflects my recent dismay

 a shadow around the sacred ground
leads closer to the lost than found
and butterfly wings beat a meloncholy scene
that vanishes when I begin to sleep

only a flicker of my memory
will you be there to keep me company?
or will I fend for myself this night
wishing  for you with all my might?

06 August 2011

in my seclusion

away from the sound of the big city
and lights
and noise
I find a peace all my own

in between the jealousies of the world
I find my own seclusion

a world all my own, all mine to own,

just as a story lives in the mind,
the middle of the day,
the middle of the night

a movie playing through to the twilight

lost in a book, away, I am free.
in my own place, my own peace,
my own safe haven
away from what I've known.


leave me to my own seclusion.

I will surface again when I am
prepared to face the world again

05 August 2011

alone without you

when I have left,
left you behind,
left you all alone.

I weep silently to my reflection
for the words I can't help but see
and the dreams I dare to keep
mean nothing anymore, without you

as the wheels turn around
take me farther away,
I count down the days again
to when this same journey
reunites our hands again

for my heart will forever remain
devoted to you
even when it finds that tonight, once more,
I am alone

04 August 2011

my friend knows me like I don't know myself

I walk along a railroad track
with every hope of never looking back,
I walked alone.

I left no note, no word behind
and knew my memory would fade in time,
I would be gone from my life
and start somewhere new
believing in love, as often I do.

Footsteps I heard,
I was no longer alone,
but my companions, they knew,
that I had been gone.

And rescued me from my solemn fate.
No one deserves to live by this way,
forgotten and lonely without a friend for the day

I was reminded of my hopes
and dreams from another life
so far away before, but so close in my mind now...

we walked in silence, but changing sides
and soon our laughter erupted from smiles
where one road became two
we skipped and we shouted for
friendship is the simplest happiness we knew

03 August 2011

around my mind

A circle envelopes my dreams
and keeps away the evil things
without hope I cannot begin
to let my hurt heart mend.

Though my feelings grow stronger
in every way bigger and brighter
my hope begins to take shape
and fly away from the frozen place.

when a tree lives its life undone
and the shadows begin to roll around,
machines of metal and other parts
unnatural wires and sharp spots
destroy the hope of becoming again
what it was meant to be, my friend.

I know the feeling of a hope depraved
of the chance to show what it has braved
and overcome its past, contribute,
in short to the life to live with you.

02 August 2011

when I look back

When I am older, and hopefully wiser
when I look back at my life and wonder
what will I wonder about?

Will my dreams be fulfilled
or lamented while I sleep?
Will my family be around,
or is it my own company I keep?

Have the footprints I made been left behind,
or washed away like the weeds in the sand?
When the sun sinks low behind the waves,
will anyone remember my name?

01 August 2011

Inspired (tribute)

I do not know by what power I am made so bold,
or what truth there is that must be told,
but, I know that when I grow old
it is your heart, and your hand, I want to hold.

In my dreams I feel a fire
which burns only brighter as the flames grows higher
I cannot tell which I may require,
but I know in truth my heart's desire.

When I am with you there is only a tree,
I believe, a place intended for you and me.
Though where it is I cannot see,
but I choose not to question the ways of destiny.

To which end I cannot say
or dream what price there is to pay
for the happiness I feel today,
but that it never ends, I pray.