17 August 2011

after I left, I realized

I thought at first you were nothing to me.
No one to remember,
so I let you be.

As fate would have it
I started to see
after I left,
that it just might not be

And every now and then you caught my eye
as you walked on by
with a look and a smile.

Now that I'm gone I see
you could have been something to me,
someone to me.

Time goes on and people grow,
learn new things,
and down the road
you learn to see,
and you realize
who you are on the inside.

And now when I see you
my heart is wide open.
I smile when I think of you,
and when you are here,
I just want to be with you.

But now that I've gone,
I feel the emptiness all around me.
Where once I lay in your arms,
there is a blank spot in my heart.

Now walking around
in the sweatshirt you gave me,
I feel tears in my eyes
for all the words left unspoken.

I can only hope
that time will come again,
the moments will not end,
and the heartache will mend.

Because after I left,
I realized, just how much you mean to me.
just how much I care for you,
how much I want to love you more.

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