31 July 2011

where do my dreams go

dreams are only an imagination
leading up the stairway to the soul
where love can look straight through the sun
and never want to let it go

where the road meets the horizon
there is a little path
around the surface of emotion
where the walls are plastic wrapped

my fears have gone away
for the time now at least
and until the night meets the day
to put an end to my dreams

30 July 2011

a wish away

beyond the horizon
where I cannot see
a hope and a wish
are waiting for me

when the times come
I will feel alive
and when it's right,
I'll be by your side

but until then
when I am here
and you are there
we will dream of that day

for life is but  a dream
and a dream is only a wish away

29 July 2011

when I am alone, sometimes

Sometimes I like to look up at the sky and dream
to see things when I don't know what they mean
where a little flicker of light
doesn't matter if it isn't bright.

Sometimes even I imagine scenes
that play out parts like a movie screen
and I turn around in time to see
 you are there, right next to me.

and when no one is around to hear
I sing out words I hold so dear
songs of love and true emotions
that could build up mountains
or flood the oceans.

But now, alone at last
in peace derailed by a blast
my heart is racing and I cannot see so fast
the light of your eyes when mine, alas,
hold tears for the love I almost lost

28 July 2011

an evening song

to the trees bending slightly just out of my sight
whose leaves rustle lightly to the left and the right
the sound of the wind passing through your boughs
rests me assured the nights is all yours

to the light as it fades beyond my horizon
that glows soft and bright like a new cut diamond
where shapes and forms of the flying things
flutter on by, beating their wings

the sounds of the scurrying, finding, and waiting,
in shadows until the silence, abating,
is theirs at last to do as they please
to hunt and to frolic all around those trees

at last when it is my turn to rest

27 July 2011

looking at me, I wish

when I see you
across the room
looking at me,
I can't help but see you in my dreams.

If life could be
only what we make of it
rather than what is provided for us
I would wish to talk to you
a minute to figure out my trust

I would ask you your name
and other proper things
so the world is not enamoured
by our meeting thus

but as it is not to be.
I must be content to watch you there,
looking at me,
but if only I could show you,
I wish...

26 July 2011

in my reflection

Away in the mrror
I catch a glimpse
of who I am today
but I cannot remember
who I used to be...

A reflection cannot show
what goes on behind the eyes
when you cannot let go
of the mysteries and lies...

I loved once,
and now I let go
but I show no refelction
of the torture in my soul...

I am content to be alone if I must
because I do not know where
or how I will begin to trust

My life is a single petal
of a rose you used to love
diminshed now
I will leave
before you lock me up

25 July 2011

if ever I do believe

A shadow lies behind the light
it comes for me when I am wrong
but keeps a distance if I am in the right
I shall not let it down

for too many mysteries share their meaning
another day begins to close
each night brings a different kind of music
that I can hear, and I only

but beneath the sound of life and love
another lyric roams about
in the shadows my words live
and come out when the music stops

24 July 2011

I won't be back

every now and again
I am overcome
by thoughts and imaginings
I don't remember how to sing

I wake and walk in a dream
nothing is as it ever seemed
And though I loved once,
It is not so, not anymore

There is a road that I must take
and leave it all behind
I will go where it leads me
back to where I used to be
as another creature, another me.

23 July 2011

if I am anywhere

look beside the table top
and tell me what you once thought
I never knew the words before
but I will follow them anywhere

in a way that can be said
the tone or timbre is all that is meant
or needed to know
the how or why is it starting to snow

nothing makes sense
but it doesn't need to
if I know anything
if I am anywhere
I am free

22 July 2011

once I thought

once I thought that you were here,
my world began to disappear
all around were memories
and dreams and wishes of what could be

the words you said, spoken to my face.
reached deep within
and conquered my pain
all that we have
and all that we knew
I like you better than I did yesterday
but not as much as I will tomorrow

21 July 2011

more unnessecary stuff

Undesirable notices
find their way to me
bills and things I can't afford
I need to find a way

I am surrounded by all these people
who don't seem to understand
that college means so much to me
but the money isn't at hand

I hear them talking about vacation
and travelling to far away lands
second houses and
expensive gifts
I feel so left alone

I who re-use and recycle
because their is no other way
I who must go without
a meal or two today

I can survive
because that is what I must do
I know no other way
I know not what to do
because somehow
I must finish school

20 July 2011

today is for you

Each morning, when I awake
its your smile I want to start my day
I see it my mind,
and hold it in my memory.

and later in the day,
it is when I talk to you
that a smile finds its way
from my face to my heart

19 July 2011

after you, and only you

there is a place in my world
where only you fit
and a simple smile from you
is how you open it

I can dream and I can try
so very hard but I know
that very little in my life
will ever come to ease my woe

too many nights all alone
after time, tried and true
there was a secret I could write
and it would bring the pieces back to you

only you can open my heart

18 July 2011

good morning

good morning to you
for I know you well

the sun in the sky will rise
to meet the day
with light and grace
its warmth falls down in rays

good morning to you
whom I see now and then

the clouds overhead
will soon move out of the way
to show you the wonders of the open air
and leave all your worries to another day

17 July 2011

it took a few words

I wrote you once
a letter from my heart
and you gave me back
one from your own

at first it was cute
and I think it is still
but when it first started
I did not know

that I would begin
falling in love with you

they were small words, at first
and then there were no words at all
that could express what it was
that I was trying to tell you

but now you know
because you feel it too
 a wordless trust of faith and feelings
that travels  and stays in our hearts for ever
a timeless love of all

16 July 2011

it just so happens

as the birds are ever flying,
one two three and more
as the wind flows through the tree lines
the leaves fall to the floor

where bluebirds sit upon the branches
and perch and sing their song
no two sounds alike in laughter
show how my heart will get along

a flight above the neighborhood
a view that changed the world
more than a mystery
but more than a dream
life is but my own to hold
a flower grown at the end of the world

15 July 2011

something never known before

Oh you make me smile
all my heart's a flutter
just thinking about
the time we spend together

and I know that
when I close my eyes
and look in my heart
I know that you are where
I want forever to start

When I look up at the sky
and wonder how or why
I am where I am in my life
I know that reasons
have their own musings
and their own way

I will not try
to change the way of fate
or destiny
but I have imaginings of late
that lead me to feel
these chills and tinglings
that warm my heart and soul
all over smiles

when I think of you
it's all in my heart
what matters to me
and I know my life with you is free

14 July 2011

mine all myself

sometimes I want to see what you dream
because you think of me
and when you say things
all I can do is dream

to myself in my mirror
I wish always to know
what you know
and what you think of me

when you walk around
and I see your foot prints in the sand
a trail to follow
if only I could stand
on my own in the sand

a dream to chase the dark away
you are mine
and I hope you will stay

13 July 2011

never alone

when little memories attack
and travel through time and back
linking arms with those of us
who never used to ride a bus

when travel leaves us all secluded
shrouded in ghosts of faces clouded
where shadows leap throughout the air
bringing hope and not despair

the light that follows will only guide us
will only bring us together more
and never leave when we look away
or close our eyes and dream
of another day

12 July 2011

from me to you

designs to flitter all of a flutter
but be not bothered by the butter
dreams will come and fade away
but true love will forever stay
hand in hand
night to day
you and me

never before will clocks cuckoo
or whisper a song from me to you
never known or thought before
I will miss you at the door

when time comes round
and you're not to be found
my smile will fade
and go away
it will show you the truth
when it comes from me to you

11 July 2011

I can't do it anymore

I need help
I cannot keep living like this

I live in dreams, in fantasies
of what I thought I could be
but I'm not,
nor will I ever be

I must stay in reality
to keep my dreams at bay

there is no chance for me
to live like what I think
would have been my life

So I must walk away
and live my own life
the one that was meant for me
even if  I don't get it yet

But that isn't true

" God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow in them" - Author Unknown

10 July 2011

gone again and on and on

when I close my eyes to sleep at night
my mind starts racing out of sight
to what end I do not know
but I shall forever go
to follow it

and when the storms start to come
they all start leaving one by one
and mysteries that do not sleep
will one day find its all a dream
and awaken

but little petals of a rose
tell the secrets no one knows
and when the sun shines down on you
you know its shining on me too
it goes on and on

life goes on and on without me
it goes on and on for you
remember my dreams when you are sleeping
and know its my heart you're always keeping
close to yours

09 July 2011

right now

I may not be able
to walk well in stilettos
but I know what it is to dream

and every brand new moment
that we share on the pavement
chasing each other around
the same old thing

I feel
so nice
its beautiful
your soul
because I see
in front of me
things that I cannot let go

there's no one around here
they've all left, since last year
and can't I help but think it's me

better for me

I know the little things
and I can show you
what it means
just to be loved by you

I feel
so nice
its beautiful
your soul
 I see
bright as day
in front of me

this I will not let go

08 July 2011

what I left behind

I find peace within my soul
after hearing from you,
hearing your voice in my heart

You knew that I needed you
that I wasn't at my best
You saw the sadness I kept hidden away

And I am glad
to have you in my heart
always watching over me

my own guardian angel
because thats who you are to me
always there for me

and I am grateful for your love
when I feel I have none left
of my own

I want to share it all
all the happiness in the world
so I give mine away to make it so

but at the end of the day,
when I take the tears I traded
I always question if it was worth it

sometimes I wonder the
could have beens or what ifs
and I know I shouldn't do that

but I do it anyway
then I hide alone
to cry on my own

and hope that
the happiness I left behind
was worth it every time

07 July 2011

not finished

Your life haunts me
your name, and your soul does too
what you have left behind
lingers beyond the grave

I can't leave you behind
no matter how hard I try
I can only bury you
for now

but soon you will rise again

how do I let go
put the past to rest?
so you no longer haunt me
and I can move on again

06 July 2011

I will keep going

forever dreams are at my door
I shall leave them never more
learning from my past mistakes
finding ways I cannot take

nothing I can once more say
will ever take the pain away
the truth of what I used to know
crumbles, falling, soft as snow

I used to think and wonder why
the little things I used to try
wouldn't work
but now I know
And since that happened
I won't let go

I will never give it up
for I know what we share
a destiny so bright and rare
to love forever and to care

without my hurt I'd never know
how to culture and let love grow
but even trials have a season
and everything happens for a reason

05 July 2011

rewound and tried again

dreams of love enamored
lead you to my door
and what I once had trusted
falls away once more

only mindness
what you say
can hope to cure my sadness
and chase the pain away

I wait each day
and every night
for a sign from you
and though every answer,
I can't take away what I knew

04 July 2011

you aren't gone yet

when the light falls away
at the end of every day
I look at my choices
a still I think of you

I learn to let go
but never forget
all that I knew
and what hasn't happened yet

too often it's hard
and breaks me apart
and I'm left all alone
to figure it out

03 July 2011

wherever we go

my dreams
are your dreams
please don't let them go
where you are
is where I am
and forever I'll go

I'll follow your footsteps
when the path is too thin
knowing forever
I'll be holding your hand

when the tide is too high,
and the light is too low
I'll be with you
wherever you go

You won't leave without me,
nor I without you
and smiles and laughter
like the world is all new

I see and I dream
and I hope and I love thee
all the stars in the sky
bear witness and see

my love is forever
and yours, too, I know,
that we'll be together
wherever we go

02 July 2011

never without a memory

there comes a time in our lives
where people and places fade away
and all that's left with us
is the memory

there are days that come and go
turned to X's on the calendar
blocked out and scattered
among themselves

but sometimes sunlight
or some kind of some light
shine over the individuals
and bring them back to life

wherever a lifetime goes
and whoever it leaves behind
there shall never be
a mountain full of cherished moments
locked without a key

a ray of light will lead the way
and peace shall come to those
who lived and loved and lost
as year after year
the affections of a rose

01 July 2011

Nothing anymore

Things have happened, come and gone,
never as they were before.
Slowly changes crept in around,
and heightened your perceptions of the world.
Do not doubt what your heart may say,
as it whispers through the night;
Only the dreams you've had of long ago
linger onward in the light.
Go back to yourself, your new associations.
Go back to the new beginning.

In your own mind,
think not on what you wish to change.
You may soon find,
nothing of the new, or old,
nothing of the world,
nothing more to save your soul,
nothing more to lose or let go...

Soon you will see,
you have become free.
Take this new life, take what you will,
take it all and go.
Leave nothing behind but memories,
imprints on the soul.