08 July 2011

what I left behind

I find peace within my soul
after hearing from you,
hearing your voice in my heart

You knew that I needed you
that I wasn't at my best
You saw the sadness I kept hidden away

And I am glad
to have you in my heart
always watching over me

my own guardian angel
because thats who you are to me
always there for me

and I am grateful for your love
when I feel I have none left
of my own

I want to share it all
all the happiness in the world
so I give mine away to make it so

but at the end of the day,
when I take the tears I traded
I always question if it was worth it

sometimes I wonder the
could have beens or what ifs
and I know I shouldn't do that

but I do it anyway
then I hide alone
to cry on my own

and hope that
the happiness I left behind
was worth it every time

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