01 July 2011

Nothing anymore

Things have happened, come and gone,
never as they were before.
Slowly changes crept in around,
and heightened your perceptions of the world.
Do not doubt what your heart may say,
as it whispers through the night;
Only the dreams you've had of long ago
linger onward in the light.
Go back to yourself, your new associations.
Go back to the new beginning.

In your own mind,
think not on what you wish to change.
You may soon find,
nothing of the new, or old,
nothing of the world,
nothing more to save your soul,
nothing more to lose or let go...

Soon you will see,
you have become free.
Take this new life, take what you will,
take it all and go.
Leave nothing behind but memories,
imprints on the soul.

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