04 August 2011

my friend knows me like I don't know myself

I walk along a railroad track
with every hope of never looking back,
I walked alone.

I left no note, no word behind
and knew my memory would fade in time,
I would be gone from my life
and start somewhere new
believing in love, as often I do.

Footsteps I heard,
I was no longer alone,
but my companions, they knew,
that I had been gone.

And rescued me from my solemn fate.
No one deserves to live by this way,
forgotten and lonely without a friend for the day

I was reminded of my hopes
and dreams from another life
so far away before, but so close in my mind now...

we walked in silence, but changing sides
and soon our laughter erupted from smiles
where one road became two
we skipped and we shouted for
friendship is the simplest happiness we knew

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