19 October 2011

when I didn't know

You always want what you don't know
I walk forever but I never go
my faith is healing, it's coming round
each time my foot sets up on solid ground

There always seems a make believe wish
I pray every night, I dream of your kiss
for when we're together, our hearts reunite
this moment of truth makes the whole world so bright

I wake up from a dream and I hear a voice call
when the skies part, the rain starts to fall
sometimes, you just have to look up
and all that you have, will be more than enough

all the little stories we hear day in and out
from strangers on the streets, passing by
add up to a novel of incredible ideas
don't tell me you never thought to try

it's always the crazy, the weird, and untrue
ideas that make something yellow turn blue
the colors shift, the world still turns
and for you always, my heart will yearn

1 comment:

  1. your writing is beautiful...all of it. your a poetic beast...i dont know how your write so many truley great pieces...keep it up and dont forget to smile