16 October 2011

take my words

Each day that I am here
I want to leave behind
more than footprints
I will not disappear

I take my peace and I
give it to you
a piece of  hope
don't let it go

for one day shall come
and you'll wish it gone
don't let it pass
just like that

take my memories
let them help you out
one thing I've learned
is just one less you
 have to figure all out

all my life I've been
chasing dreams
I've been wishing things
and I just want to keep on going

all the things I've been doing
all the places that I've been
all the stories I've been in,
I'm not done yet.

It's not done, yet.

I keep going, wishing thinking
I keep living, praying, singing

I keep believing

don't let it go, your hope,
don't let it fall.
When you're down on the ground,
 nothing left to hold on to

take my words
take my hope
take them with you,
wherever you go

hear my story,
how I've lived my days
let them help you out
in anyway

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