08 October 2011

can't you see

Is it too much to ask
your hand in my own
a smile on your face
when you answer the phone

to trust me yourself
if I am alone

is it too much to ask
to halt your opinions
they hurt and they have
no good intentions

you hold yourself higher
than you ought to be held
don't you see
all of this

no worse and no better
than anyone else
can't you tell
don't you notice

it matters to me

all that you say
with no hope of regret
could ever be said
and I'll never forget

the way you loved me
like a lost little pet
I urge you to see me
but it won't happen yet

A lost little memory
like the sun when it sets
if I go
you will never let
me free

don't you see what matters to me?

I sing a different song
my dreams tell me I'm wrong
I have a spirit
you cannot change

a different tune
way out of your range

when I'm gone
there will be no one else
don't you see
you won't matter to me

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