21 June 2011

life after

A change of scene,
nothing stays the same.
I see you there
and feel so much pain.
Nothing's ever gonna be the same

Tomorrow's here,
and I wish you were.
Out and about
seeing none but her
across the walk and
I think of you.
I keep on going
there's so much to do.

I stay busy
each and every day
I hope to move on;
but this ain't the way.
I know what you'd want
and I know what you'd say,
but I keep on going;
I look the other way.

Above and beyond
a slightly hopeless tune,
the beat is silly
but it reminds me of you
and all those other days
and we'd share it, too,
looking at the moon
just a plain old view...

I can't see anymore
the light of your eyes,
I wish something more
would take away the skies
that shower down rain
like a waterfall, down,
and somehow a smile
would come back around.

Brand new windows
looking out at the world,
and a reflection is staring,
 a brand new girl.
I see me again
and what might have been,
but I'll always believe
that I'll see you again.

Too many shadows
have hid behind me
it's time that I help them
and set them free

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