05 June 2011

to do well and keep well

To do well and keep well I must remain busy
Hide all my time away
I need to find a purpose or everything will crumble
I need to find a way to keep everything at bay...

I need to know what to say and where to go sometimes.
I need to find time to understand all that is going on.
Wherever I am and what ever I do,
I need to remember it is all because of you...

To stay well and focused I need to move on
I need to look forward and prepare for whats ahead.
Whether or not I make the decisions well
I need to make the most of what I make of them.

This makes little sense because my mind is too full
My heart is too heavy and my head holds too much
But to me this is helpful and this matters more
and now I suggest you find yourself, too.

Go out and away or remain in and stay small
your life has a passion so follow that call
it's not what you think of it is what you do,
to do well and keep well make it matter to you

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