07 June 2011

As I am

A sensible little dream
Amid impractical wanderings of the mind
I have come to know,
very much by way of a kind-ness
that few people are refreshing.

A smile you see is no longer a common sight,
A wave of a hand to a fellow friend or passerby
ought to be forfeited to show one's might
and at this neglect,  a little heart inside will cry.

And so, to preserve my friends
and all that they feel in their hearts,
 I pledge to remain as I am,
as I have been told, a refreshing soul.

With my smile and my care,
with my hand in the air,
and a wave in motion,
undulating as the ocean, moves.

A greeting shall I give forth,
to those I see and know,
in hopes it shall spread throughout the earth,
to be seen and shared anew.

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