04 June 2011

For reasons I never had

Sometimes I do things just because
A feeling in my gut or in my heart
Just told me that I should.
It spoke to me you could say, why not,
But rather it pushed me forward
Into the blue,
Into beyond 'as far as I can see'.

It was so enviably inviting,
So terribly eye catching,
Incredibly distracting.
And so beyond 'that which I am used to',
That naturally I must believe
That  it was meant to be
That it was meant for me.

As possibilities turnover
And the Id or the Ego battle it out,
My feet proceed without caution
Until the moment shouts to stop.


Usually these momentous and
Rather spontaneous
Occasions are affected within 'the make believe'
Where no answer is needed
Or warning is heeded.
Where thoughts are questioned
And ideas pressured
For effect.

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