02 June 2011

Missing you

I can remember seeing you, slightly far away.
The outline of your shadow,
And you standing in
the doorway.

I can see the colors in your hair,
and the shine on your shoes.
The way the light just missed you,
and your face
is in the shadow.

I remember sitting there,
in the front row pew,
and looking out in your direction,
Waiting to see,
and smile at you.

I'd see your shadow
about to pass,
and I'd rush to look away,
But view out
of the corner of my eye,
to see if you were looking
my way.

And years have passed,
as they always do.
But my eyes still wander,
and want to catch
a glimpse of you,
looking at me.

My heart still jumps
when I see you there.
My face still blushes,
when I hear your name.

And I can remember,
being a younger girl,
when you were a younger boy,
And wishing, hoping, praying,
for your voice and
your attention.

That you would be calling
my name.

I'd leave to go,
Always looking back,
Always hoping somehow,
That what I've lacked,
I'd find in you,
Someday soon
the chance to be a bride and groom.

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