06 June 2011

Dream A Dream Imaginary

To dream a dream imaginary,
you must first find a friend.
A wish to share between yourselves,
or a memory to care.

Find a firefly that glows,
give it a proper name.
Muse with songs of things around you,
make happiness a game.

Think of a song or think of a thought,
try hard to close your eyes.
Imagine colours one by one,
and explain forever the reason why.

If you can, not if you won't,
speak with your heart,
Give voice to your soul.

Sing with your words,
the ones that you know,
and sing with the sounds,
the pictures you show.

Remember the days of paint and of power,
where something so clear and clean was new.
To you and I, to the distance before us,
within the dangers of the past.

Delete the shadow that hides your face,
create new routes to walk.
Find a friend to follow you,
or lead you in the dark.

Do care to take a moment,
or a day or a time,
to explain yourself or your musings,
To thank someone in kind.

Wake up from your busy life
to enjoy the one that slips away,
to take care of the things you won't remember,
before it all starts saying goodbye.

Imagine a road that you can walk,
envision the story you leave behind.
Take pains each day to write it well,
That it may be remembered someday,
long after your gone.

Dream a dream. Dance a dance. Sing a song.
Be inspirational to someone,
that they may follow along.

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