22 September 2011

What I can do

I can climb.
I can run and dive and scream and laugh and shine.
I can show you the world
I can reach for the stars and touch the moon.

I am number mine.
I don't want to be the best there is
I just want to be me.
There is no first or second.

I am not in a line.
 I am unmarked, unscathed. Untouched by the world.

only in my imagination.

I have seen what men can do.
I have seen the news, heard personal stories.
I have seen the scars left behind on the earth.

I will not be a reason.
I will not lose my freedom.

I will shout out to the world and sing from my heart.
I will climb all the trees and
swim all the seas.

I will hold my head high and fulfill all my dreams.

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