11 September 2011

don't forget to remember

Sometimes the days drift by one by one
until it turns into month by month,
and the only thing that reminds you
where you stand in time
are the displays at the stores

ushering upon you
the decorations for the holiday
that is still two months away.

And when you find yourself
face to face
with a row of flags,

one behind the other
as you drive down main street,
and you realize...
your heart skips a beat.

The sudden impact
that today

 is that day

Ten years go by and its hard to see
that somehow life went on for you and me.
Somehow lives were built up again,
and those that were laid to rest...
are remembered again.

As we vowed that day
ten years ago,
to never forget
and never regret...

A moment of silence...

For those who are gone,
their lives ended early
so we can live on

in freedom... and peace
like everyone should.

don't live to forget
the tragedy
or their memory

Each day is one day more
upon the one we lived before.

Before we remember
the years,
come and gone.
A decade between us,
an unfortunate bond.

United we are
across this whole land

Don't forget to remember,

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