18 September 2011

to stand with you

I can remember the way the rain falls
down down down
from the sky

and how it feels when it lands on my skin
cold and surprising
the drop splashes off my shoulder
and then it is gone

sometimes it pours
buckets of the air
compressed together
flow from the sky
a waterfall
and land straight on me

even my own raincloud has had enough,
carrying this weight

but when the light shines through
and warms heart
the heat of the air
and the smell of the world

blend together
into a shadow of a memory.

the sun it seems, is supreme

I like the sun
because It's like you.
it always makes me smile
and I like you, too.

standing with you
is like making a spotlight of the sun
and dancing around

through the curtains,
beyond the rain clouds

1 comment:

  1. I really like this 1 :3. They are very well written; stick with this :)

    - Kevin Malone