03 September 2011

it happened some time ago

I started to cry when I heard some things;
I wasn't having a great day myself,
but I was doing very well keeping it,
to myself.

But when I hear you say things about
the way I was raised
and if my parents were good,
and helped me,
that I'd be better off.


I thought I liked you.
I thought you were my friend,
but hearing these words from you
cut all ties.

Welcome to the end.

Where once I may have heeded your advice
listened to your worries
and sought your company,

I now leave you to your own thoughts.

I'm not one to push back what you've given to me.
But just once I'd like to say it.

If you were in my shoes
you'd understand.

If you'd let me say something,
 and cared enough to listen to it,
well, maybe, possibly, we could work it out.

I don't like this new distance
but I will learn to get over it.
Because that is what I've learned to do.

For everyone who's burned me,
torched the bridges in between,
there is no crossing over.

Only moving on, moving forward.
Looking bright into the future.
where its all black.

I've learned to like black.
It can be piercing and sharp,
or soft,
and likewise as alone as I am.

Thank you for sharing with me,
for everything that's shaped me.
Thank you
for not wasting the rest of my life.

Now I see how it is
to be free.

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