15 September 2011

open eyes

open eyes
and all is a blur

the first thing I see when I wake in the morning
compared to the dreams that I keep when I
am asleep

open to the new world, the new day
all that my imagination creates
all that spectacular
the shiny the new
the familiar

is drowned out and left behind
by the light that penetrates the sleep
from my dreams
and I awake
in a hazy blurrrrrr

cold misrepresented, unwanted
the only chance to retaliate
against the poor moonbeams of the night
is taken away

this new light
unwelcome undesired
and marked

the force the chance the opportunity
I open my eyes
try to make sense of all that's around me
for windows and glass and space
are all incoherent concepts

abstract ideas

I don't want to wake up


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