14 September 2011

the sun sets slowly

for the days that rain around, poor and obsolete
for the matters of the heart that are solely mine to keep
and as the light of the sky drains from your eyes
the sun sets small against the night

I imagine soft little flakes of slow
that flutter down beyond the road
the edges of my horizon out of reach

where but once I thought I saw a spark
that rained out the clouds and fought the dark
away from me
away from you
away from things that  we're allergic too

when the trees grow up and tall
lean away and survive the fall
blossom their flowers and show out their leaves
and send whispers away through the breeze

as the sky falls and the fog roams in
closer and closer beyond the rim
over the rainbow. and well,
beyond the point of no return
the sun sets slowly,
but shall return again

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