25 November 2011

self discovery

who are you when I'm not here
do you even miss me
do you even care

who am I when I'm far away?
am I gentle still
or have I gone... crazy

do I live in color
or shades of grey
what do you know when I'm far away?

you can't see the smile on my face
when it comes or vanishes
sometimes tears wash me away

away I go
still alone
still master of my own

join me? if  you please
I'd like to share forever
in your company

together we will learn and share
discover things we'd never known
grow old together

I learn my ways and your ways too
give us a chance, don't leave me here..
while I figure out myself,
wait for me?

I turn my
head and look away
all the footprints that I make
I'll come back, again, someday

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