08 November 2011

a beginning again

My bruises are almost healed,
the scars are softening, slowly.
My heart is starting to see again,

It is starting to see beauty,
it is starting to remember.
I can smile again, I can dream.
It is a whole new world, to live again.

What is it I used to be,
how did I use to see? or breathe?

What was it I called laughter?

I can laugh now...
it seems that my heart is healing,
and I live again

Who really knows that the world still spins,
when they are left behind.
After a heartache walks away,
To see everyone else all right,
when you are not...
the world does spin around you,
and it locks you out of life.

And somehow, I woke up
from you leaving,

And I am alive again.
I enjoy the world,
even more than when I was with you...

And I start anew,
a new beginning

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