11 November 2011

one last wish

I once heard that if a star falls from the sky,
into your view,
a wish will be granted, just for you.

But no one ever told me,
when that wish would come true.

And so here I stand, years gone by,
pictures and letters faded past,
into memories behind my eyes.

I've seen no more than eleven,
no fewer than that, too.

Each falling flash of light,
calling out to me, and each time,
my heart welled up with a surge of hope,

All I ever wished for was for you-

I wanted you to see me,
to hear me, to talk to me, to smile for me,
I wanted you to kiss me, to take me far away,
I wanted you to love me, to marry me someday.

I wanted to see our children,
with your eyes and my smile, running out in the yard,
I wanted to see you make it home, from that war....

Sometimes what you wish for, is exactly what you get...

Now a flag stands folded on the mantle, pictures still around,
each of my wishes granted,
but one....

I wish I could have said goodbye,
before they laid you in the ground.

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