16 November 2011

notice me, tribute

and all at once things fade to black
and dust again in the palm of my hand
I can't see the difference in the night
I can't see clearly the line or light of day
all of my memories have been erased

I go to sleep and last the night
dream of things that made me smile
once upon a time I thought
that you weren't here, not anymore
I put on my face and walk out the door

little things of my imagination
hiss and spit with indignation
frying on the morning stove 
distractions cause me to turn and over, and
I feel a burn

there is now a pain, I feel so deeply
the purest thing I've ever known
where minutes turn timeless and even now
now when I hear the sounds around me
I just can't let go

hold me close and hold me tight
I ask you this, that one day you might
notice me, in my plight
notice me
notice me

I fade away
into the backdrop, into the background
I fade away
without a sight, without a sound
I fade away
my shadows reclaim me, they bring me home again
I fade away
my voice, my sight, the sound of my fists against the floor

soften, slowly, diminish
my strength is gone, it's leaving me
lower and lower I fall to the floor
I have no strength to get up, to move again

and all at once, it's just like that
 and all at once things fade to black

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