12 December 2011

winter fleeting

my tears, I cry,
the rain...knows why
I let myself go
to the sky
each winter when it snows
the flakes will sparkle,
soft and slow

time passes in the cold
outside, nowhere to go
in the house its warm
and lone-ly
it's safe and cozy too

all but me
these long months I dream and see
nothing behind or in store to be
I hope and wish that seasons flee
winter fleeting

but when the snow falls
all is lovely and bright
all is calm and all is right
don't you hear the songs they sing
round Christmas time,
the caroling

joy to the world and peace on earth
you are not alone
do sing with us
for life and laughter lives to be
joy  for all, for you and me

with smiles red and good cheer
we welcome you now
we welcome you here
stay awhile and let's be merry
bright red roses and cherries
deep green trees holly and berries
Christmas time joyeux noel
be happy let your sorrows go

let this time of year
bring you happiness and cheer
 that when the summer months return
all too soon you will start to yearn
for the quiet moments of here and now
you're wishing away,
no sight no sound

to soon it will be, right now don't you see
this time is  a gift so precious so rare
keep it and treasure in your memory

for time as you know,
is fleeting

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