18 December 2011

forget it

forget it or don't
forget me not
or do as you will
plant a flower or plant a tree
leave one light on just for me
write a letter and set in in the post
remember dearly what you love the most

keep your secrets
or set them free
believe what it is to be
alive and living
to dream, and be dreaming
show what you think and know to be real
give it a chance

listen to the records and shout out the songs
when no one is looking
when no one's around
fight the fire of your desire
let the flames out
let them burn higher

remember what it's like to know fear and disaster
wash them away with love and with laughter
remember the names of your closest friends
and how when they spoke
you could be mistaken
now from then
all the time it's been
don't forget...

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