21 December 2011


follow your heart, they say
let it tell you where to go, and who to love,
and what to do forever
but don't let it rush you into hasty decisions
or things you'll regret

they say, that no good deed goes unpunished,
so tread carefully.
but how then do we learn what is right?
or what is wrong...
and how do we grow up,
when all around us are forces that hold us in,
and keep us young.

all my life I've been sheltered and protected
and I need to escape. I need to just go
there are times these days where I find myself
stuck in structure and left alone

but I need to go somewhere quiet.
somewhere to truly listen to my heart,
where the sounds of the world are muted
and the lights of the word are dim
and I can be alone and all I know
and all I see and feel is the smallest truth of my soul,
the smallest bit if my life, of my future, of my fire.

i want to know my direction.
how do i fit in in this world.
where are my die cast?
where does my puzzle piece fit in.

to all the world and all those in it, \
for fear and fame and adventure and
all the trials and tribulations that co-occur
I must rediscover and balance

I must find my way and go where the stars lead me,
where I can be free
and grown up and true and alive
not living in these paper times
not living all these left behind dreams and wishes
from others long ago.

my dreams are my own and my life is independent,
or will be, soon.
for the future radiates like light through glass bottles.

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