05 June 2012

when you're gone

come with me and take my hand
share my words, heal my pain
everyday I'm crying out to you
but you don't even know,
you don't have a clue

it feels ten times longer
than reality shows
I miss your smile
I miss your eyes closed
when you kissed me

now I wander around,
day to day, night after night,
I wander as a vagabond
for each breath may be my last
as each moment filters past

I miss you

when I find the time
to stop and stare at the world around me
when I slow down I begin to comprehend
that days are precious gifts
that each revives and uplifts
my soul

I don't want to walk this road alone
the journey may be long
but the steps are simple
and I need a friend

I hope for you
I hope for today and tomorrow
I call to you
in the silence of my heart
and hope somehow
that you take my hand in yours
and walk with me awhile

for it is a long lonely trip I take
it is full of heartaches and life lessons
I miss you

if you can't take me with you,
maybe I can take your memory with me
on my journey
I start anew, today

1 comment:

  1. ah, you yet live...its good to see you writing again